Thank you to everyone who voted for us in @thecoasthalifax Best of 2019! Silver for Best R&B band and Bronze for Best Band to Dance to! ♥️🎉🎈🙏🏾

We hope to keep you Groovin and keep you dancing 💃

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“A great way to describe the lead singer Roxy can be summed up with the hotline kickstart to the album, “Fuse Box”. This little firecracker not only provides an uplifting soulful kick to all the upbeat tunes, but she can dig deep into the soulful cuts on the album as well. The musicianship in this album shows strongly in every song, whether it be an instrumental, or a slow heartfelt ballad’s. This band is tight!”

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ian Bennett
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“If you took Lorraine Ellison, tossed her in with The Jackson Five and a smattering of Wilson Pickett, you’d have something like Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound.” - Alex Cook. The East

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Roxy's Turn

You've heard from the underground soul sound.. now it's my turn.

"I stand up for a equality. Where no one is judge for race or gender and that it isn't the reason for disagreeing or agreeing. I stand for everyone fighting together and not against each other. I stand for making the world a better place not a worse place. I believe in art and creativity should be supported, funded and not ignored as a gateway to help mental health. I believe we should help others in need and not judge others for less. I stand for removal of violence and toxicity." - Roxy

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ian Bennett
Stand Up Mr. Bennett

The soul man of the band Mr. Ian Bennett our bass player and director. Check out what he has to stand up for!

"I stand up for a world that is inclusive regardless of ability, culture, creed or colour. Everyone should be able to experience the beauty that this world has to offer. We need to value personal growth more than financial growth or we will all suffer. I think some band of Liverpudlians from the 60’s said it the best, “All You Need is Love”. - Ian Bennett

ian Bennett
Halifax Bloggers Album Review // Stand Up

While it might be a bit hackneyed to say, right out of the gate the lead track “Fuse Box” is a jolt of vintage, horn-driven soul music that will propel you to your feet. Once there, good luck in standing still, as this music will get you grooving right along.  There hasn’t been a cup of coffee that has had as much propellant as this opening number does. Locally, folks will be more than familiar with Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound, as they are long-time fixtures of the Halifax music scene, and can be found regularly down at Bearly’s, the Carleton or the Seahorse, but with their latest album Stand Up, the band is poised to break out to a far wider audience.

This isn’t a clever game of charades or dress up, Roxy Mercier and her wildly talented backing band the Underground Soul Sound invoke the spirit of the late great Sharon Jones and her backing band the Dap Kings. Stand Up is a densely packed 10 track collection that clocks in at a tight 29m and 57s, and while the lion’s share of the album features Mercier front and center showcasing her range and power, there are a handful of instrumental tracks with The Underground Soul Sound showing off their chops. Until Doc Brown manages to put that Flux Capacitor into mass production, we will never be able to travel back to experience the glory days of Motown, or to recapture the magic of Sharon Jones, or James Brown; but fortunately for us, Roxy and the USS are here to keep the genre alive and vibrant.

Over 10 tracks, the horns and strings of the Underground Soul Sound are absolutely dazzling. Much like that explosive opening number, the band keeps the listener engaged and grooving right along with the proceedings. Coupled with the soulful and silky vocals of Ms. Mercier, it just elevates the entire production, and transports us, the listeners, back to those golden years of Gladys Knight, Diana Ross and Mary Wilson. Closing out the album is an equally combustible “He’s Alright”, complete with a blast of brass and funk. Fans of Motown and acts such as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (and the Daptone roster) will be right at home here, and quickly reaching for the repeat button as the album fades out. This is absolutely an album that will have you standing, dancing, and grooving right along for the entire 30 minutes, so do yourself a favour and Stand Up.

ian Bennett

“The explosive Halifax soul group are a highlight live act, and here the show translates wonderfully to the studio. Lead singer Roxy Mercier is upbeat, dramatic and fun as always, with the savvy of Amy Winehouse and the spirit of '60's girl groups. The horn-fired funk tracks show allegiance to the DapTone Records revival sound, and there's plenty of red-hot playing from the rhythm section to let you know there is some serious talent in the band.

The new songs on this latest album show the group doesn't have to rely on the usual Stax covers to survive either. Whether they are soul celebration numbers such as lead single "He's Alright," or social justice messages like "Helpless," there's plenty to engage with, and to groove to. Even without Roxy's sparkling presence, the USS provide lots of spark on a pair of instrumentals, including the sizzling "Fuse Box."

- Bob Mersereau , Top 100 Canadian Singles Blog

ian Bennett
What does James Shaw "Stand Up" for?

James "Sweet baby" Shaw his a message to share with you all in what he stands up for. .

"I stand up for accessibility to the Arts. I believe art/ creativity is a human right and there shouldn't be financial barriers around creative activity. We need more funding and time allotted to music and art in public school. I want to help make music more access in the HRM and I'm willing to stand up and give my time and energy to seeing this become a reality!" - James Shaw

ian Bennett
Have ya met Brendan Melchin our drummer?

Have ya met Brendan Melchin our drummer? You've probably seen him around. Check out what he stands up for. "I stand up for support of the arts. Art, no matter the medium, is a place to ask the biggest questions and sometimes try to answer them, to say the hardest things to say and be heard. This isn’t just a freedom of art, but a responsibility. So let’s ask those questions and say those things through our art, and support each other in doing so." - Brendan Melchin

4 DAYS UNTIL YOU GET "STAND UP" THE NEW ALBUM ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS!! you can also pre-order the album on our website.

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What does Ajax Stand Up for

Our next member of the band to show you what they stand up for is our Trombone player, Andrew "AJax" Jackson.

“ I STAND UP for for all the people out there that are just trying to contribute something positive in this world. Giving, whether it be our time, energy, skills or even financially is often the harder path taking for ourselves, and we need so much more of that in the world RIGHT NOW” - Andrew Jackson

ian Bennett

Everyone out there has something to believe in and stand up for. In the lead up to our album release we will be sharing what the members of the band believe in and stand up for.
Meet our guitar player Will Hansen! "I stand for a world that promotes diversity, togetherness and inclusiveness for humans and the environment we live in. A world where judgement is used for positive growth and improvement rather than a means to bring your fellow human down. A world where, through creativity and expression, people can be who they want to be and follow their dreams without prejudice or negativity. I stand for a world of freedom and peace, both in intention and action." - @willhansologtr

ian Bennett

The BIG Announcement is HERE!!! 

The New Album "STAND UP" is coming out October 4th (DIGITAL) & Official CD Release Oct 17th.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 9 PM – 1 AM   The Marquee Ballroom   2037 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia  This is going to be a show you don't want to miss! The lovely  Jessie Brown is leaving us for a bigger city and this show will be the greatest send off! so grab those tickets and show her a solid Halifax send off!

Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 9 PM – 1 AM

The Marquee Ballroom

2037 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is going to be a show you don't want to miss! The lovely Jessie Brownis leaving us for a bigger city and this show will be the greatest send off! so grab those tickets and show her a solid Halifax send off!

ian Bennett

JIMI HENDRIX & OTIS REDDING...Two nights only tribute extravaganza! Featuring premiere Hendrix tribute band Get Experienced bringing the psychedelic guitar fury of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience trio;

Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound tackling Stax soul legend Otis Redding with special guests Charlie A'Court, Jessie Brown and Jacob Strang.


Mark your calendars:
June 14th
-AND -
June 15th

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